Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tools - Basic waller tools

1. Mason String Line - used for a guide as you build your walls.
2. Bucket - Great for hauling stone, tools, and can make a great seat.
3. Gloves - Great to help protect your hands, avoid bulky gloves
4. Tape Measure - Helping to measure stones, build wall frames and take valuable measurements.
5. Protective Glasses - Protecting your eyes are very important you only get 1 set.
6. 2 Ft Level - Small and easy to move around. Larger levels will be needed for other applications.
7. Line Level - A line level is intended to be placed on a string, great for longer lengths of wall too without needed expensive equipment.
8. 1 Ft Level - Small easy to grab to check anything for a quick level.
9. Brick Hammer - One of the simplest tools to buy and use for shaping stone.
10. 2 lb Drilling Hammer - Great for busting small stones or can be used with your chisel.
11. Chisel - Several different types of chisels exist on the market

The stone tools listed above are a few great starters.  When you first get started it can be easy to get caught up in the need for more. Learning to work with less will help to teach you to be more efficient with your eyes and hands.

Mark J.

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