Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How - To Tie String Lines

Step 1) Wrap your string line on the inside of frame or rebar.

Step 2) Wrap string around frame and under string line.

Step 3) Repeat wrapping now twice around - also under string line and first wrap.

Step 4) Lift your string line

 and move down and over your first two wraps.

This will now LOCK IT from slipping.

Alternative solutions - Spring clips medium size work best with rebar.
Pro's - the spring clips are fast and easy to use.

Con's - if you have more then one string intersecting in the same area the spring clips will get in the way. Best solution tie your strings.

- This method can also be achieved by only wrapping the line around once.
- Use a good strong mason line. Some string lines are not as tightly woven causing them to loosen up and not lock tightly. 

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